Prop Money
prop money to grow abundance mindset
Prop Money
Custom prop money for abundance mindset growth
$10,000 prop money stack usher money
US realistic prop money
Prop Money

Prop Money

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It's all about the Benjamins, baby!

I use prop money to help me help me with my money manifestations and to grow my money mindset. I went a step further and put my face on it to remind me that I am going to do great things.

And I want to pass those good vibes to you! I want to encourage you to do all the BIG things. 

54 options available:

  1. Single $100 bill 

  2. **Single $100 bill with your name on it - I get my good vibes together and handwrite your name on the money. Great places to put the bill - on your desk, fridge, bathroom mirror...wherever you need to be reminded of your greatness! 

  3. **One $10,000 stack with your name - Dream BIG! Double sided $10k prop money stack. You get the same good vibes, but in a stack!

  4. Single OG $100 Prop Money Bill - This is the OG Benjamin $100 bill.

  5. One $10,000 OG Benjamin stack

    ** Be sure to enter the name you want on your $100 bill in the cart otherwise, it will default to the name of the shipping address.**

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